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10 Questions – Joinery

How to price joinery work? The price of the joinery job will vary depending on the type of assignment. Building a garden shed won’t cost more than £100, but if you’re looking to build a garden fence for a large properly, you might have to invest as much as £1000. Many providers of joinery services

Crafting the perfect family-friendly kitchen

Refurbishing your kitchen or building a new one from a scratch is an important change to your home, may be even more than you realise. Kitchen is the central part of any home. Family members meet there to cook, eat or socialise. While designing your new kitchen it is necessary to think about any activity

9 kitchen trends coming up in 2019

There’s no denying the fact that the kitchen is probably the most important area of your home. As such, it really pays to care about the way your kitchen looks. After all, it’s not just about making meals – it’s about bringing your family together and making your home feel cosy and inviting. But what

Choosing the ideal kitchen cabinet material

Over the years, kitchen cabinets have been evolving to the degree that the options available out there are tremendous. Hardwood remains as popular as ever, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg – many factors should be considered before choosing the exact type of cabinet material for you. Here’s a simple guide on the

When the time comes and you’re finally designing your perfect bespoke kitchen, there might be some hiccups. There are a few bumps in the road that can make your experience go wrong and confuse you on what you actually want to do with your kitchen. Many of our clients ask us about the many diverse

Though winter is still holding on, now’s as good time as any to plan for the summer. And what better way to embrace everything the warmest season has to offer than with a nice garden pod? Place one in your garden and it’s like you’ve gone camping in a cabin – but you’re actually still

The kitchen is not only a place for cooking but also the personal territory of the hostess. A well-designed kitchen can turn cooking from an exhausting duty into the joy for everyone, even your children. These 10 kitchen design ideas will allow you to spend time cooking food with pleasure. 1. Chalk wall. It’s an

The modern style of the kitchen probably always will be popular amongst design-conscious home planners. It is characterized by dynamism, with clear, sharp lines and smart ideas for blending storage and good looks. Every corner of the food preparation area will be beautifully lit, by natural light if possible. Modern kitchen designs add a unique

The kitchen is the most important space in a home because it is the place where we spend the most time.  Therefore, in the design of the kitchen, everything must be thought out to the smallest detail. The arrangement of the kitchen space is the individual expression of every homeowner, which is closely related to the

The kitchen is the heart of the modern British home, and the days where it was considered secondary are long gone. House owners are starting to realise this and have chosen to go with a trend that’s a bold choice. The recent dark colour wave is a bold move that is attractive and chic if

Coming up with a design for a kitchen that’s unique, functional and original is quite a challenge! Your imagination can create a dream that will give the proper meaning to the place considered to be the true heart of a home. Regardless of your sense of style or needs, there are some general tips and

Nowadays, people that build houses or buy apartments often consider having a big kitchen. Why is that? If you are planning to move to a new home, one of the reasons is probably having more space. Having a kitchen island will not only give you additional cabinet space, but it will also decorate your interior.

Bespoke kitchens are astonishing in all sorts of ways. They are able to fit right into your personal style and store all of your belongings effortlessly. If you want to draw more attention to the made-to-measure furniture, focus on adding striking and impressive lighting. This will bring out the unique beauty of your kitchen and

There’s one room at anybody’s house that bears a multi-functional purpose. The kitchen is a heart of a home, a place of meetings, sharing, cooking and eating. Sometimes it’s also a workspace. It’s a lot to fit in one room, especially if it’s not as big as you would like. That’s why you have to