There’s one room at anybody’s house that bears a multi-functional purpose. The kitchen is a heart of a home, a place of meetings, sharing, cooking and eating. Sometimes it’s also a workspace. It’s a lot to fit in one room, especially if it’s not as big as you would like. That’s why you have to think smart and prepare your kitchen for every task it might need to carry out in the present and future to maintain the constant efficiency. And that leads to decluttering and optimising the storage space.

1. Choose the furniture wisely

The easiest way to waste your space is at the furniture-choosing point. Not optimised and awkwardly shaped or too small limit your storage options and you have to look for alternatives wisely. The best thing to do is to search for furniture that’s big enough to fit in all of your appliances, many shelves and conveniences to reach the maximum storage. If you experience troubles with finding the right style, why not invest in made-to-measure bespoke furniture that will not only find the storage solutions that you might need but also create any style that you desire.

2. Search for potential multi-tasking areas

There are many hidden in plain sight storage spaces that you’re not using. The sides of your cabinets provide a few extra square feet ready to be used as a comfortable hanger for pots. A great idea is to hang things over a stove. Walls without any cabinets are great for turning into a big-plate and cutting board holder. The place above your fridge can also come in handy to put things in order.

3. Add an island

Island means not only more room for doing many of the tasks that you need to perform in the kitchen, but also is a guaranteed way of providing space for your appliances. A great way to maximally utilise its functionality is to add shelving right under the countertop. It’ll perform fantastically with small dishes or cookbooks!

4. Transform the counter into an eating space

Instead of choosing an island and an every-day separate eating table, spice it up with adapting the island into eating space. It’ll save a lot of space that can be adapted into more counter space. Don’t worry about any holidays or birthday parties, though! You can move the table into the living room and use it on the special occasions!

5. Store only the most needed appliances

Some things with a long expiration date that aren’t used often might take the space that you need for every-day use. Change up the arrangements of the shelves and use less used ones for those things that you don’t need.

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