Bespoke kitchens are astonishing in all sorts of ways. They are able to fit right into your personal style and store all of your belongings effortlessly. If you want to draw more attention to the made-to-measure furniture, focus on adding striking and impressive lighting. This will bring out the unique beauty of your kitchen and spice up its overall design.

Halogen lamps


The system of halogen lamps is well known in the lighting market, and for a good reason. They look stylish while providing its users with the right amount of illumination. This trusty choice can be installed in the ceiling, but it can also add more light into dark corners or most used spaces, like the sink and table tops.

LED strips


Recently the LED strips are gaining popularity for their easy installation process and endless design possibilities. They come in every colour of the rainbow and can be used for multiple purposes. You can either use them to illuminate darker areas or to simply put a colour statement like shown in the picture. With its creative customizability, you will never experience boredom or lack of inspiration.

Pendant lights


Those illuminate the kitchen and all of the equipment with their classic looks that match every design. This simple style of the pendant lamps makes them a perfect choice to make the kitchen of any shape and style to feel more stylish. If you want to install more than one pendant, it’s important to measure it carefully, to make the distance even and have them hanged at the same height.

Vintage ceiling lights


Classical colours and style can be implemented into bespoke kitchens to make them look vintage. In order to keep up with the style, search for ceilings lamps that will present a believable traditional design. Those lamps look very authentic and seem like they were taken straight from the old castle. They match the dark brown wooden island and chairs. The whole island area contrasts well with white cabinets, shiny tiles, light flooring and walls.

With kitchen lighting, there are multiple options to choose from. The style you decide on depends on the design, your illumination needs and the style you prefer. If you want to go for the minimalist style, choose halogen lamps or LED straps. For those that want to make more of a signature look with some help from the light, choose vintage style or chandeliers that are a piece of art themselves.

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