The kitchen is the most important space in a home because it is the place where we spend the most time.  Therefore, in the design of the kitchen, everything must be thought out to the smallest detail. The arrangement of the kitchen space is the individual expression of every homeowner, which is closely related to the generally accepted signs of practicality, functionality and comfort.



Classic style kitchens have remained the most popular style for years. Traditional features of a classic kitchen design scheme should include a neutral colour palette, natural materials and close attention to detail.

Here are 5 interesting ideas for arranging your classic kitchen.

The Lighting Design


Lighting plays an important role in kitchen design. Sometimes it is enough to choose an interesting lamp, and the interior is immediately transformed.


If you don’t want your classic kitchen look overcast and dull, use a lot of light. Add to the main chandelier additional lighting, moreover, you can also increase the windows in the kitchen.


And the ornamental lighting really builds up some sparkles to the space in the cooking area.

The natural materials.



According to the canons of the classic style, everything in the kitchen should be made of natural materials: wood, metal, glass, ceramics, stone and paper. If we are talking about textiles, it should be linen, cotton, silk. Do not be afraid to use it. For example, large wooden beams will add certain originality to your kitchen.

Choose your colour.



The interior in a classic style is always made in natural colours. Neutral tones like beige or grey are commonly used. But you can use rich colours, such as cobalt blue, ochre yellow, burgundy, terracotta or emerald green. The main thing is that the colour shade will be natural, that is, such that occurs in nature.

Add modern accessories.


To dilute the traditional setting of the kitchen, you can add elements of modern style to its design. They can appear in the decoration of furniture and lighting, decoration of some surfaces or in kitchen accessories.

The size doesn’t matter.



The classic style is suitable mainly for large and spacious kitchens. But it can also be used for a small kitchen, if it is a little easier and, if possible, to increase the kitchen by joining a living room, hallway or balcony, or by using clever visual techniques. For example, you can place a large mirror on one of the walls. The main thing is to choose simple details, light finish, natural textiles, and furniture.

The interior in a modern classic style can be multifaceted: to be luxurious and brilliant, as well as discreet and stylish. But most importantly, even a small kitchen can be decorated in the best traditions of the classics.



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