The modern style of the kitchen probably always will be popular amongst design-conscious home planners. It is characterized by dynamism, with clear, sharp lines and smart ideas for blending storage and good looks. Every corner of the food preparation area will be beautifully lit, by natural light if possible. Modern kitchen designs add a unique touch of elegance to your home.

The framed galley kitchen


Many mid-century modern homes featured galley kitchens for space. Today’s open floor plan helps to open up the galley and make it more spacious.

Go Neutral


One of the hallmarks of a modern kitchen is the use of a neutral colour palette. Whether it’s light timbers and white to make a more Scandinavian style kitchen or a symphony of grey tones, keeping your palette neutral and restricted to 3 or 4 colours throughout will help create that super modern look.

Classic modern kitchen

What happens when you want to add some contemporary design to your otherwise classic style home? You get a kitchen that is functional, charming and the perfect blend between the two different styles.

The wood in modern style.


In the modern style, it is possible to use many materials, including wood, which is associated with the classical style. Some designers specifically use natural wood as a contrast against the backdrop of artificial forms and materials.

The smooth lines

Smoothed corners, concave doors and oval-shaped niches will help to visually enlarge the space. That is why the modern style is suitable for small kitchens.

The minimum decor.


The kitchen in modern style does not need to be saturated with decorative design. On the contrary, there should be a minimum number of interior items. At the same time, each item must be useful and practical in the kitchen.

The practical design of windows

In the kitchen, the windows need to be arranged simply and extremely practical: blinds, roller shades, pleats – all made from artificial materials that are easy to clean.

The laconic light

Initially, the modern style meant soft diffused light, but now this style involves the use of good light as the main source of light and additional spotlights which have become, in a way, the hallmark of the modern interior.

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