The kitchen is not only a place for cooking but also the personal territory of the hostess. A well-designed kitchen can turn cooking from an exhausting duty into the joy for everyone, even your children.

These 10 kitchen design ideas will allow you to spend time cooking food with pleasure.

1. Chalk wall.

It’s an exceptionally good option for families with children. You may have an activity for the family, and the opportunity to hang your favourite photos, and an entire wall for cute notes.

2. Accent wall.

To create home comfort, you can hang your favourite little things on the wall: photos, paintings, children’s drawings, etc. All this attracts people’s attention and makes your kitchen special.

3. Balcony.


You can not only expand your kitchen but also get closer to nature. Enhance kitchen with balcony. This can not only expand the working area in the kitchen, on the balcony you can create a cosy corner for relaxation.

4. Country style with vintage elements.

This is one of the cosiest interior styles. Cute decor and authentic textiles will make the atmosphere of the kitchen individual and homely warm.

5. Strength in detail.

If you are afraid to take risks and make your kitchen too bright, then pay attention to the multi-coloured decor. A collection of painted ceramics, shiny metal dishes, bright pictures, coloured blinds or bright chairs will transform even the most discreet design of the kitchen.

6. Cafe style.

To create a kitchen interior resembling a cafe is an idea that deserves attention. Contrasting chess tiles on the floor, bright comfortable chairs, shiny dishes, light curtains – and the kitchen, where you want to spend a lot of time, is ready.

7. Moroccan style.

Moroccan style can be the source of inspiration in creating the interior of the kitchen. Its characteristic features are intricate patterns, arched and lattice structures, rich and vibrant colours, an abundance of ceramics and copper.



Wallpaper is rarely seen in the interior of the kitchen, as they are considered not the most practical material. But even one wall, covered with wallpaper, radically changes the design of the kitchen, softening it and making it cosy.

Proper lighting.


Spotlights are universal and fit into the interior of any kitchen. But the truly unique design of this room will be made, for example, by numerous lamps hanging from the ceiling or a chandelier of your own design.

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