The kitchen is the heart of the modern British home, and the days where it was considered secondary are long gone. House owners are starting to realise this and have chosen to go with a trend that’s a bold choice. The recent dark colour wave is a bold move that is attractive and chic if your kitchen is modern and timeless while making things more nostalgic if your kitchen is more traditional.

Why Go Black?

Colour Psychology shows us that humans are predisposed to look at black as a signifier of sophistication and expensiveness. Whether it is your cabinet or counter, using black for your kitchen’s décor will show status and taste. An aptly designed black kitchen has a mystical atmosphere about it, it invites calmness and pondering. You can be sure your time spent in the kitchen with your family and friends will be special.

Limitless Choices

From jet black to Davy’s grey and every shade in between, you have limitless choices when it comes to deciding on a specific colour, which means that, if you aren’t planning to revamp your floor and walls, you can find a dark shade that will match their style, and your kitchen can still come out stylish and unique with minimal investment.

Early Adopter

While dark colours are pretty much becoming a trend and en vogue now, most designing firms are still playing it safe and going with the traditional white/lighter colour themes. With a black kitchen, you can be sure your kitchen will be memorable and unique. It shows how you have a bold character, unafraid of taking risks.

Mixing and Matching

One of the major issues with dark themes is that they are hard to get right. If you overdo it with the dark colours, you’ll have a gothic-themed kitchen that won’t invite anything but depression. If you don’t choose the right light colours, your kitchen will look like Frankenstein’s monster – unnatural and grotesque.

Dark rooms can also create the perception that they are much smaller than they actually are, so you should focus on lighting that will complement the strong presence of your dark décor.

Choosing the right colours and themes when you don’t have an expert’s eyes is quite hard. If you don’t feel comfortable in your skills, you should contact competent experts who stay faithful to your vision and make sure it becomes a reality.

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