Coming up with a design for a kitchen that’s unique, functional and original is quite a challenge! Your imagination can create a dream that will give the proper meaning to the place considered to be the true heart of a home. Regardless of your sense of style or needs, there are some general tips and techniques that are helpful during the designing process. After all, your unique kitchen should be the dream that came true just for you.

What makes a kitchen unique

For us, it all comes down to the way it connects and interacts with the rest of the home. Each of us has different pieces of furniture, wall colours and ornaments. If the whole house has a modern feel, so should the kitchen. If every room has a boho vibe, why not add it there too? Are you a plant lover? Put them everywhere! Thanks to the uniqueness of your home, you can create the most suitable and accurate kitchen for yourself. Focus on the elements of style that you love best in your space and implement them in your dream kitchen

Set the rules yourself

If you want to mix up some warm and dark colours, go for it! Have you thought of timber, metallic and marble right next to each other? Nothing should stop you. Are you a fan of dark furniture and white flooring? Fantastic! Nothing and no one should tell you what to do.  All you need is your imagination to create the most breathtaking kitchen. There are no valid rules to follow. Mix up colours, shades and finishes. Be limitless and create a masterpiece yourself.

What to avoid

There is no list that says what’s good or what’s bad. The general idea is to avoid such elements – and it could be anything, like a kitchen island or a lamp – that is so out of place that they just set the room apart. With a bit of luck, you can find such things that will salvage the whole concept thanks to their unique design or a colour scheme that brings all of the random things together and creates harmony. Thanks to those additions you’ll get the individuality and introduce the awe factor into your everyday life.

How to get what you want

You can either start by designing everything and then trying to find exactly what you need or create everything around one crucial element that you want to expose further. Regardless of your prefered method, you should never give up your dreams because something isn’t available immediately. If there is no way that the mass-produced furniture will answer your needs, don’t hesitate to contact manufacturers and designers dealing with made-to-measure bespoke furniture to do your dreams a justice.

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