There’s no denying the fact that the kitchen is probably the most important area of your home. As such, it really pays to care about the way your kitchen looks. After all, it’s not just about making meals – it’s about bringing your family together and making your home feel cosy and inviting.

But what if you went the extra mile and wanted to ensure that your kitchen isn’t just nice to be in – it’s also the trendiest it can be? Take a look at this list of upcoming trends for kitchen decor and get inspired!

1. Dark colours for counters

Granite has always been popular for counters, but there are even darker materials currently emerging that are set to take the world up storm this year. For example, soapstone looks very promising, with a soft finish that’s very resistant to fingerprint smudges and is easy to clean. With just enough practical features and a new, alluring look, this dark counter may be one of the hottest trends this year,

2. Hidden vent hoods

While past kitchen trends almost played up the vent hood as a focal point of the kitchen, there are now options that will allow you to completely hide your vent hood from view – and that’s what will be trending this year.

3. Green cabinet fronts

While blue kitchens were the hottest thing in 2018, in 2019 it’s time to go green. Inspired by nature, this colour is meant to evoke the calming, soothing qualities of nature to make your kitchen an even more welcoming place than it already is. Don’t go full neon, however – muddy undertones will probably be the best choice for most homes, giving a slight rustic feel to your kitchen, which should go perfectly with brass fixtures.

4. Herringbone floors

A trend that only keeps getting stronger over the years, herringbone floors can add a classic, European vibe to any kitchen. You can also use it as an interesting counterpoint to a kitchen with a more industrial feel.

5. Stylish, vintage carpets

While we don’t usually associate kitchens with carpets, a hand-crafted piece can truly bring out the antique charm of your kitchen if you choose the right one. And that’s not all – it also adds a soft texture under your feet, so your kitchen feels even more comfortable.

6. Stoves as focal points

As the focus gets shifted away from vent hoods, the stove is what should stand out this year. Don’t be afraid to choose some wild colours or antique looks, so that your stove stands out among the rest.

7. Islands with open displays

Kitchen islands are a timeless classic, but over the years, a lot of us have just cluttered them with useless objects. The 2019 trend has islands with open display shelves with only a couple of items to complete the picture, effectively giving your kitchen more of a living room vibe,

8. Metallic trims

The devil is in the details – just a subtle hint of a nickel edge can give your kitchen a more luxurious looks. Definitely one of the hottest trends to look forward to this year.

9. Cabinets in two tones

We’ve already seen darker lower cabinets with light top cabinets, but 2019 is all about combining different materials in patterns even in one seamless set of cupboards. So don’t be afraid to mix walnut with matte white wood or even marble – go wild with textures.

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